It’s all her fault.

by wondrousdavid

It was my girlfriend who bullied me into creating this. Tired of listening to one liners that didn’t quite last a line and paragraphs that dwindled into “hmms” and “maybe I could do it like this” she informed me I should start a blog. Not to show off my mini-masterpieces of dyslexic gibberish, you understand, but rather so she could read in her own time and not be interrupted from whatever important non-David related activities she was doing. (Under-communication here is how to keep a relationship alive and anyone who says otherwise is a lier). So here it is, a blog dedicated to well everything really, from paragraph length stories, to long essays and scripts I never got around to shooting. Photography and moving images will probably make an appearance and if anyones interested I’ll try and impart knowledge on how I did something. All here to be scrutinised, laughed at and hopefully enjoyed. But remember if you don’t like it, it’s all her fault.