The Sky at Night: Follow Up

by wondrousdavid


Hello my young Hubbles.

In the week that I posted my pictures of the night sky I have been busily adding to my flickr group and have had a flurry of interest on my facebook page.

I thought it would be good to blog about the hints and tips that people have left on my page as well as tell you more about the post-production process.

Firstly: All my pictures are slightly blurry. I took this to be the earth rotation, and I was correct to an extent. It is also camera shake, which can never really be fixed as I am using bulb settings but can be helped with a release remote. For a free option I have been suggested using Mirror-Lock Up, something I knew little about previously.  For more juicy information on that feature this link has all the juicy information you will need*. One last point about the bulb settings, while some of my most dramatic shots where taken with a 30second aperture, the shots with the nicest focus and/or less shake where taken with a 15 second aperture. There detail could be brought out a lot more  with the curves and levels in photoshop (other programmes are available). Which brings me nicely to my second point…

…Colour correction: It is something that I rather like doing, but not even I realised how necessary it is to get the detail out of the shots. Here’s an example below of a before and after shot:


I won’t bore you with how to use the colour correction kit that most manipulation software supply. If you don’t know here’s a nice vlog, but what I will say is if you use the curves followed by levels on repeat for about three or four times you can really see how much detail your camera has captured. Which brings me nicely onto my third and final point.

The universe is just too big and too grand for you to capture first time. There are too many things in it, too many stars, galaxies and wonders to really see. You could spend a lifetime looking at it. So it really doesn’t matter if you don’t get the shot first time around, nor really the second. Just go out there and marvel at it all…


*Thanks to Stu McComie, James Jellings and Joe Carver for the advice