Embrace Your Mistakes #3: Into the Wild

by wondrousdavid

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.38.56

I found this picture on my hard drive, I took it way back in 2012 and I was clearly to disappointed to do anything with it. Now I think it’s a perfect picture for this column. First let’s look at the negatives and mistakes:

1) The photograph was taken through glass. I have tried to colour correct the image so it is LESS noticeable than the original but you can still see on both the right and left hand corners the smudging and lightening of the image. If possible never take through glass, this is why most hides have slits in them. Unfortunately for me this picture was taken through my parents conservatory and I thought I might of scared them away if I opened the door and walked out. If you have to take a photograph through glass* than use a polariser.

2). The picture is shy. This is again down to the fact that I shot it through glass and because I had the camera on auto focus. In my defence If I had tried to of shot it with manual I would of missed most of the fight! In this case it was better of of constantly press the button rather than constantly adjust the focus ring. The picture is also shy because it has been…

3). Cropped and enlarged. The longest auto-focus lens I have is the sigma 70-300mm, and a very handy lens it is too. While it can take some lovely shots, it is simply not long enough to take these kind of nature shots. It is also quite simply fast enough leaving to slight blur and shyness around the moving figures, emphasised when you zoom into them as I have done.

Saying that there still are some benefits to it. While not a completely successful still-life shot the expressions on the two male’s faces and their aggressive wing stance makes it a least slightly interesting.

As always a backlog of Embrace Your Mistake pictures on my flickr set are up for your amusement and if you want to send any of your experiments or failures my way then be my guest!

*if you want to ignore me and shot through glass then here is some tips and here, if your very lucky (and very dedicated), is what you can achieve.