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Month: March, 2014

Making a Film: Inspiration.

A blog series has been festering in my mind for a while. Unfortunately my mind is either so fall that it became almost overwhelmed in the metropolis, or (just as likely) so empty the poor idea became lost in the desert. Which ever scenario is true my little thought was no Peng Jiamu and eventually has come to the surface, be it a bit late.

My idea was to do a series of blogs documenting the process of filmmaking, from the initial inspiration or brief down to the finished product. I intended to do the blog series on making an advert for cloud-computing company Simplexo, but I shot that video in a internet-less Scotland. I forgot the idea when shooting two videos for Black fashion Week Lisboa and am at present already in the planning stages for a film for a gourmet chef.

All is not lost, however, I am starting on a  new personal project. Above is  a video of everyones favorite 20th century philosopher (if you ignore Wittgenstein and Winnie the pooh) Bertrand Russell. I urge you to watch it all, but play close attention to the memory he recants from 8:15 to 8:30.

“When I was 4 years old … I dreamt that I’d been eaten by a wolf, and to my great surprise I was in the wolf’s stomach and not in heaven.”

I first watched this video two years ago and those lines have haunted me since. I have decided to use it for a short (around 20 second) film and will blog the development of it from now to the end result.

This entry has been on initial ideas, the original spark if you like bad metaphors, and how easily they can make you think. The next blog will be on researching.

Saleaj: black Fashion Week, Lisboa.


Employer: Sara António/ Saleaj

Director: Patricia Rodrigues

Role: Camera Operator and Editor

Date: 2014

This video documents fashion designer’s “Saleaj” set at Lisbon’s Black Fashion week.  This video was picked up by Black Fashion week Lisboa, who have used it for advertising and have since asked for more videos to be made.

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DIY 3D: 3D we can all be impressed with?

A feeling I am sure most people can relate to is my antipathy towards 3D, the light-loss glasses, the cost, the complete lack of any narrative point. I am a regular cinema goer and given the choice I will always go for the traditional 2D screening. However these quite fantastic Gifs (one above one below and the rest here) give me a new-found love.

Who would of thought that defocussing the background and two white lines could give such an impressive effect?  I feel a week of 3D experimentation is ahead of me…

Read This Blog – Then Go Read a Book

Blog of the Courtier

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are that, like me, you’re reading “stuff” all day long. You glance at the news headlines online and scroll through the blogs you subscribe to; you sift through emails and text messages; you open the mail, read office memos, and so on.  Thanks to these multiple demands on our attention, I suspect many of us who enjoy reading find it difficult to put aside some time to sit down and read a book.

For a bookworm like myself, this is also a practical problem.  When people know that you love books, you tend to receive books as gifts, such as at Christmas or on your birthday.  Similarly, should you find yourself at an event where books are being given away, or where there is a book-signing, you can’t help but pick up a few volumes for yourself.  Within the past six months alone…

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