How to Steal like an Artist

by wondrousdavid

A part of doing creative work is (to be blunt) stealing other people’s ideas. We may dress it up, call “Inspiration” or “Referencing” but if we are being truthful with ourselves what we do is steal. There is a rather good book about it by Austin Kleon. Who’s page excerpt is below

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 6.30.58 PM

Before any project I look through many simular videos on youtube/online. Not to “Plagiarize” or “Imitate” (right hand side of the list) but to work things out. Editing film is often “how do we fit these things  together.” Less jigsaw puzzle more wind up toy, you could put those cogs anywhere but only one way will make it flow, other variants may work but probably only once before it twitches and dies.

I am at present working on a pet-project, the first in a very long time. Tt involves finding, scanning and merging (hopefully) hundreds of photographs of the same woman into both a moving and still image. The work is exciting and hopefully will be something that I can share on this blog. But how to do it? So far I have written notes or “Credited” (as seen on the left hand side) about 15 similar projects but one truly stands out. The video is below and while a few minuets long is deeply beautiful, please do take a look: