Sea Otter

by wondrousdavid

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.23.30 PM


Thanks to the good users of Viewbug for picking my Sea Otter photograph as one of their peoples choice. This hungry fella’ was taken at the Oceanario de Lisboa, a very fine Oceanarium to go to that does a lot of good in this world. Far more than America’s SeaWorld chains that have constantly been in the news since the quite brilliant BlackFish documentary from a few years back.

Unfortunately my love of the Sea Otters have been dampened some what by this article from I Fucking Love Science (IFLS). I quote:


When food is in short supply things can get ugly. Some males will hold otter pups hostage until the mother pays a ransom of food to the male.

But they don’t just kidnap babies. Sea otters also rape baby seals to death. Male otters will find a juvenile harbor seal and mount it, as if he were mating with a female otter. Unfortunately, part of the mating process involves holding the female’s head under water which ultimately kills the seal pups (and over 10% of female otters). For over an hour and a half, the male otter will hold the seal pup in this position, raping it until it is dead. Sometimes when the seal pup dies, it is just let go and the otter will begin to groom itself. Some otters, however, will hang on to the dead pup and continue to rape its dead and decaying corpse for up to a week later.


While I thank veiwbuggers for their support of the photograph, I have to say I would now rather it went towards a different creature…