My 13 responses to Michael Moore’s 13 rules for documentary filmmakers

by wondrousdavid

Obvert Film

Okay, I’ll try and make this precise, there is so much I can say about Michael Moore’s rambling 13 rules of documentary making (link posted at end of article), I found it offensive on many levels, but I’ll try and make my reply as bright, breezy and snappy as possible (on this i fail I should warn you now!)…I could of course sum it up in three words…WHAT A COCK!

1. I consider myself a filmmaker, an artist, AND a documentarist, how very dare you tell me what to call myself, and really what does it matter. Oh and Michael, the notion that a ‘documentary’ film can be entertaining is not something you’ve invented, I have hundreds that fall into this category…none if them were made by you strangely enough though.
2. Right, at number two and I’m starting lose my shit already, did the man that brought us Corporations are…

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