Mammal Hands

Awhile back I created a video for Jazz band Mammal Hands. I am pleased to announce that their album is now out and you can Spotify it or buy it from (among other places) their record-label.  Animalia has been very well reviewed and they are now on a UK tour with the sublime GoGo Penguin.

Go Mammals! (& their hands)!

In an ideal world we would have time in advance to discuss ideas with the client, storyboard, work out a costs, find a crew and then set up shoot. Alas this video (above) illustrates the standard practise. Called up the day before as a friend flunked out I and one other filmmaker turned up with minimal (borrowed) kit to try and film a live performance. I had no idea who these guys were and they none of us Рjust calling me up on a recommendation of a friend.

So guys (if your reading this) now you are all big time musicians we should work again with ideal conditions, what do you say? Perhaps you could sign my album too?