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Macro Photography with Thomas Shahan

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 15.13.06“Life on earth is really, really, beautiful and it deserves closer look”

Readers of this blog will know my love of macro photography and so it was to some joy that I found this video on my Facebook feed this morning. Using Cheapish lenses, extension tubes an old flash and a makeshift portable studio (white paper) Thomas Shahan has created some stunning images of life in the undergrowth.

For those unable to afford extension tubes I have previously wrote a  blog on how you can make one out of an old Pringles tubes and reverse lenses.

Russian Snowflakes

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has created some stunning double lens reverse macro shots of snowflakes using some cheap second hand lenses. Stunning. Follow this link  for more information and look at my previous blog post on double lens reversal shots to see how easy it can be! He really is an inspiration


Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 14.21.15

Turn Your Iphone Camera into a Macro Lens

As regular readers will know I love a bit of DIY photography and filmmaking. I stumbled access this tutorial on Artfidio.com  and without an Iphone or laser to try it out on thought I would share it her to see if anyone can use it and get their desired shot




OK guys, happy snapping! 

Double Lens Reversing (or DIY Macro)


For the last few weeks I have been playing around with Double Lens Reversing shots, a simple process where you add a reversed lens over an attached one to create a DIY Macro photograph. The process is a revelation to me and I have been embarrassing my girlfriend by every moment possible crouching down near anything, holding a two lenses together and rocking backwards and forwards slowly to try and find the focus (this is actually how you focus, you also have to get very very close to the subject), looking something like this:


You can do an array of different shots from the picturesque, like the daffodil  heading this blog to the grotesque little critter that flew onto my book below.


For these shots I used a sigma 70-300mm Zoom lens attached and the standard canon kit lens the 18-55 reversed on top. Although for different results any can be used, you could even hold a non-standard lens in front, some of my best shots where taken with my trusty helios 44 2.0.

There are some issues. It will always be a small vignetted image and it would be hard to get a full creature (unless tiny) in one frame. These problems can be got around though with the help of post-production. Adobe, Gimp, Pixelmator heck even MS Paint, whatever tool you use can crop the image getting rid of the black vignette around. By collaging/digitally stitching pictures together you can create whole beings in all their macro magnificence. The shot below was done on Photoshop and is six different images, it is by no means a perfect image but you can see the potential within.


A more pressing issue is the lack of light, I put the ISO to the max (for me 6,400) and the shutter speed right down to its fastest, this is to minimise any shake wich WILL occur. This I’m afraid can not be sorted out in post and the only help I can give is to advise you to take the shoots outside in full daylight or bring as much light onto the subject as possible, that fly shot was taken with a reading lamp, room light and flash, it was also shot on RAW to give me slight control in post.

One final issue that Im sure you’re already shouting at the screen about is the shakiness of holding two lenses together. Well my dears I have come up with a solution,  gasp at the wondrous contraption below:


All you need is one empty Willaim Lawson’s vintage whisky case (and some friends to help you drink it would be beneficial, I suppose any whisky case of your choosing will do as they do not sponsor me…yet) your two lenses and a bit of foam to cushion the lenses in. This can be rested on your knee making a perfectly still(ish) shot. This will also work for moving images- more of wich will apear in a blog hopefully of the very near future.

If you have any queries,  suggestions or shots you would like to share please do get in touch. If you liked this post also say as it will motivate me to do more!  Here is my Flickr Set for all my try-outs, take a look and follow me, it would be brilliant to see others take these ideas and improve on them!