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Growing Old: Photoshop Portrait


Here are two images both produced by overlapping 88 different photographs and playing with the opacity. My original intention was to create a (now so fashionable) time-lapse of my partner’s now 87 year old grandmother growing up and ageing through childhood, teenage-hood, marriage, motherhood, grandparent hood and now enjoying her old age with biscuits and TV.

I rummaged around and scanning every photograph I could find (over 100) and whittling them down to the ones with the face looking in the same direction. In Photoshop I adjusted the opacity and began overlaying the images matching the eye-line. All this was intended only to simplify the After Effects process. What I ended up with was something rather beautiful instead.

Playing around with each layers opacity and slight colour enhancements I think brings out each individual image, I believe theres a real depth to the pictures. I then went back and recorded them to show of her younger self, her old age ghosted in the background. What’s interesting is not what has changed but what has stayed- while the Portuguese sun has added wrinkles her smile has never really changed, assaying the same while the rest is a blur.

And what about the original video that kicked all this off? Well, I will get around to that…. Eventually.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 18.12.37

British Library on Flickr!


Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges is a lovely little book that I often enjoy flicking through. It is a encyclopaedia full of imaginary creatures from the obvious (Dragon) to the obscure like the Á Bao A Qu, a transparent little creature who constantly tries to reach pure Nirvana. 

 The British Library have done something weirdly simular by publishing what will be a million pictures on their Flickr Page. Some are bizarre like the one above, others bizarrely mundane like the photograph defining what “A Student” looks like. Defiantly worth a look!